Top tips to make camping cooking easy and delicious this summer holidays

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It's set to be a rainy summer in eastern Australia, but that won't dampen our spirits! Grab your waterproofs and set off on that long-awaited adventure, while keeping your camping meal prep simple and tasty with Salad Servers Direct. Read on for our top tips for a hassle-free camping holiday.


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Get set up with camping cooking gear

You don't need to purchase all the latest gadgets, but before you set off into the great outdoors, it's wise to have a think about the items you'll REALLY need to make your camping meals a breeze.

If you're going to a holiday park or site with kitchen facilities, you may want to travel light and just focus on your camping food. Or, if you're heading further into the wilderness or to a location with few amenities, you may consider bringing along a gas BBQ or making a campfire if it's safe to do so. Our pick for a rainy summer, however, is a simple two-burner camping stove, which allows you to whip up almost anything you would cook at home, without taking up too much space in the car. Pair that with a durable cast iron pan with lid and you'll be cooking up a storm in no time!


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Don't forget your campsite mealtime essentials

You've got your tent pitched, a drink in your hand and your pan's heating up. Life is good… until you realise you'll have to stir and serve that meal for four with a plastic spoon.

Whatever's going on your camping dinner shopping list, remember to pack these non-negotiables to keep things safe and hassle free:

  • Cutting board with sharp knife – because the only thing worse than stirring with a plastic spoon is chopping with a plastic knife.
  • A stirring spoon, tongs and spatula – this trio of essential camp cooking utensils should help you whip up almost any meal imaginable.
  • Matches or lighter (or both) – keep extra matches handy in case you can't get your campfire or burner alight. Just remember to check local fire restrictions.
  • Cooking oil – you might be short of hot soapy water, so it's more important than ever to protect your pans and make sure your food doesn't burn or stick.
  • Reusable tablecloth – it might feel like an unnecessary extra, but this low-cost and lightweight addition to your camping kit can come in handy in multiple ways. Spruce up dirty or overused picnic benches in a flash, lay it out on the grass for an instant picnic or throw it over your gear if a sudden rainstorm rolls in.
  • Reusable dinnerware – reusable plates, bowls and cutlery is much better for the planet than single-use plastic (and it's also much nicer to eat from). So do everyone a favour and ditch the disposables this summer.
  • Seasoning – when you're organising your favourite camping food, don't forget to pack the salt, pepper and a few other seasonings – a little dash of mixed herbs or chilli flakes can lift even the humblest of meals.
  • Insect repellent – whether you rely on a trusty mozzie spray or have upgraded to a clever ultrasonic repeller, make sure you have your chosen protection ready to go before the sun disappears. Because nothing ruins a nice night under the stars quite like the buzz of our bloodsucking mates.
  • Garbage bags – even the greenest of us still have some rubbish to get rid of. Bring a stash of decent bin bags to ensure you only leave footprints behind.
  • Sticks and marshmallows – you know everyone will be disappointed if you forget these!


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Easy meals to cook on your camping trip

Now that you're organised, all that's left to do is pack the esky and hit the road! But you probably don't want to spend your holiday chopping and cooking, and you definitely don't want to spend it in the supermarket. Instead, keep it easy by prepping your camping food before you go.

With Salad Servers Direct, you can make your camping meals easier than ever by getting tasty and nutritious home-style dinners delivered before you set off. Our ready-made family meals serve up to five people and are ready to simply heat and eat.

So how about relaxing as the sun goes down and keeping everyone healthy, happy and full with a delicious curry, such as butter chicken, massaman beef or potato and pumpkin? Alternatively, our stir fry kits are a great choice for a fresh, summer meal that's ready in minutes. Serve up crowd-pleasers such as chicken pad Thai, beef & black bean noodle stir fry or sweet chilli chicken, or stick to old favourites with fresh pastas and sauces.

With hundreds of dishes on the menu, you're sure to find all your faves. So skip the camping cooking these holidays and get fresh, tasty meals delivered direct to your door before you go!

Get family meals delivered to your home today

Are you going camping these summer holidays? Salad Servers Direct is here to make your camping cooking easier than ever. Order now for fast and free delivery to your door in New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria!