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Terms and Conditions

For any queries about our terms and conditions, contact our Customer Sales and Support Team on (02) 9417 7958 or email direct@saladservers.com.au.

Salad Servers Direct is only available to customers in Australia, and in the delivery areas available.

After ordering, you will receive confirmation of your order, delivery address, delivery date, and delivery time. The delivery date and time will be the date and time you selected during checkout.

If you need to change the delivery date and time, please call Customer Service on (02) 9417 7958 between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday at least 48 hours prior to the selected delivery date.

If we need to change your delivery date and time for any reason due to circumstances out of our control, we will notify you with the new delivery date and time with as much notice as possible.

Delivery Fee - Free Delivery
Delivery costs are free and no extra delivery fee is added to your order.

Delivery Areas and Times
Salad Servers Direct is available for delivery only in certain areas. The areas are listed in the Delivery Areas page. To search to see whether a delivery area is serviced, please use the postcode search box at the bottom of each page.

All delivery times are between midnight 12:00 AM and 07:00 AM. This is to ensure orders remain chilled.

Salad Servers Direct reserves the right to change delivery areas, available times and cutoffs for future orders without notice.

Commercial Deliveries
Salad Servers Direct deliveries are only available at residential addresses due to the delivery window of 12:00AM - 07:00AM.

For commercial deliveries, delis and food service, please call Customer Sales and Support (02) 9417 7958 or see our wholesale site at https://wholesale.saladservers.com.au.

Pick Up
Salad Servers Direct orders are not available for pick up.

Product Availability

From time to time a product may become unavailable for a number of reasons, such as seasonality or availability of ingredients. Salad Servers Direct reserves the right to remove a product at any time without notice.

If we cannot fulfil a product in your order due to circumstances out of our control, we will notify you as soon as possible, and either refund you the portion of your order for the unfulfilled product, or arrange an alternative to be sent to you.

Cancellation Policy
Due to Salad Servers Direct providing you with freshly prepared food, Salad Servers Direct requires a minimum notice of 48 hours prior to the selected delivery date.

Cancellation must be completed by calling Customer Service on (02) 9417 7958 between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Quality Issues
For any quality issues, please call Customer Service on (02) 9417 7958  between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Discount codes are one (1) use of each code per customer. Only one code can be used per order.

Salad Servers Direct reserves the right to cancel discount codes at any time with no prior notice.

Collection of Personal Information

We will collect your personal information in order to deliver your order. This personal information may include your name, address and mobile number.

We will collect, use, store and disclose your personal information for this purpose and related purposes.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we may email you regarding new products, discounts or special offers. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Salad Servers Direct is operated by:

S&B Gourmet Foods (Aust) Pty Ltd t/a The Salad Servers
ABN: 72 003 442 108. 
Unit 1, 1 Short Street, Chatswood NSW 2067