Our Story

Salad Servers

Salad Servers has been tantalising taste buds since 1979, supplying Australia’s best gourmet food retailers and restaurants with salads and meal solutions that keep our customers coming back for more. 

The local chicken shop

Our humble beginnings were born out of a local chicken shop called The Game Gourmet, owned by our founders (and still owners of Salad Servers) the Swift family. Some of The Game Gourmet's key customers also had retail outlets of their own and loved our salads in the shop so much, they asked us to produce salads for them in bulk. So, we did! The rest is history. We realised creating and producing salads for our customers is what we love and do best and we've never looked back.

Today, Salad Servers supplies businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country, from major supermarkets, airlines and retailers, to the local restaurant and cafe. As pioneers in this space, we have over 40 years' experience supplying exceptional meals to the finest Australian businesses.

And now we're also delivering directly to home.

Now direct to home!

We have launched Salad Servers Direct not only to share our delicious meal kits with customers directly, but also as there is an obvious need for an alternative to expensive single-serve ready meals. Convenience meals are a great way to save meal preparation time, but eating them every day can have an impact on your wallet. We believe it is still possible to enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal while saving time and money.

Better value family meals

Most ready meals are single-serve only, which makes them expensive if you have many mouths to feed. At Salad Servers Direct, all of our products come in large pack sizes to feed your family: our range of curries, stews, soups and stir fries are all 1.5kg, while our salads and sides come in sizes from 750g to 900g. And all our meal kits are easy to prepare so you don't need to worry about complicated recipes or lengthy preparation time. In most cases, all you need to do is heat and enjoy!

As we are one of Australia's largest salad manufacturers, we can provide these delicious meal kits to you directly, which means you save with every meal.

Our mission with Salad Servers Direct is to feed your whole family with nutritious meals and salads at true value which you can feel good about.

From farm to table

Our consistently high-quality produce and delicious flavours are important to us, as is supporting our local farmers. We want the best, so we work with the best.

We have long-standing relationships with some of Australia's top growers and farmers. Some of the amazing local farmers we work with can be found in areas such as Kenthurst or the beautiful Mangrove Mountain, both in NSW.

Our farmers pick fresh herbs every morning to add additional zest to your palette. For example, our pesto sauce is made using fresh basil picked that very morning straight from the farm. It can't get much fresher than that!

When you order a product from Salad Servers Direct you can feel good knowing you're eating great local produce and helping to support our industry and Aussie farmers.

Salad Servers Direct: no subscriptions or sign-up tricks. Just good honest food and good honest value, from our family to yours.